Stuck in the Diet Trap?

jumpstart your journey to lasting results


You feel like you’re always dieting (even when you’re not)…

Your weight is always on your mind. You dread getting dressed in the morning and the challenge to find something that fits, is comfortable and doesn’t make you feel fat. Your tighter clothes are a constant reminder that you’ve put on weight. Not that you need one. You rarely forget.


You start a diet (you’ve lost count of how many you have been on), count calories (or points), and feel back in control, hopeful. You start to lose weight, but you’re thinking about food all the time. Your willpower slips and you “cheat.” You tell yourself you’ll start your diet again tomorrow. “Tomorrow” doesn’t happen, you gain back whatever weight you lost, and feel like a failure (again).


Or, you get back on your diet (or another) and stick to it until you you reach your goal weight. Celebration time! You go “off” your diet. You start eating “normal,” being careful not to undo all your hard work. Still, the pounds start to creep back on. The treats at work, birthdays, the holidays, vacation, stressful days, the weekends…they all add up. You find yourself back to your original weight (or heavier than ever).  


Even when you’re not dieting, you still feel like you are. You judge your days in terms of eating: if you were “good” or “bad.” You weigh yourself, and the number on the scale determines your mood for the day. Or, you avoid the scale because you know it won’t be good and don’t want to feel worse than you do.  


You feel desperate (again) to lose the weight. You hear about another diet, feel hopeful, clean out your cupboards of “junk” food (or eat it while you can), and muster up the motivation to start the new diet on Monday.

You wish you could worry less about weight and start living more

You’re ready to stop thinking constantly about your weight and what you eat, to start the day (and end it) without your weight or food being one of the first (or last) things to enter your mind. 

You’re ready to stop needing willpower to resist temptation and start eating the foods you love and loving what you eat, without counting calories or points, measuring portions, or feeling guilty.


You’re ready to stop fighting your weight and start feeling free to live your life, without wishing you were like other people who ate “normally” and didn’t worry about weight, what to eat (or not eat) or dieting.


You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.



You’re not failing diets. They’re failing you



You don’t need a diet.


You just need someone to show you a different way.


I will help you lay your foundation to:

  • Get out of the Diet Trap, so that you can stop being a slave to diets and “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results” (Einstein’s definition of insanity)
    No willpower required.
  • Start doing different to get on the path to getting positive, empowering and lasting results.
    No motivation required.
  • Get back in charge of you and make choices that fit YOU (not one-size-fits-all) and feel GOOD: more energy, confidence and freedom to live your life, for results that go beyond a number on the scale.
    No deprivation required. 



Free Yourself from the Diet Trap: 


Here’s what you’ll get when you work with me: 

  • Lay the Foundation to Get Out of the Diet Trap and On the Journey to Lasting Results:
    Free yourself from the costly, ineffective and demoralizing Diet Trap. You will start to establish the groundwork to get away from yo-yo dieting and lay the foundation for your success and lasting results.  
  • Start Building with your Free from the Diet Trap Tools:
    You will start to transform your relationship with food and yourself using powerful and actionable tools. The tools and work you do will form the framework for our 60-Minute Power Coaching Call and help jumpstart your journey to achieving results in a positive, empowering and sustainable way that makes you feel good.
  • 60-Minute Power Coaching Call
    In our call, we’ll take the powerful, transformative work you’ve done and take it to the next level, supercharging your journey of life-enhancing changes. We’ll build upon the rock-solid foundation you have laid and create your custom-fit Free from the Diet Trap Action Plan, with clear steps to propel you forward on your journey to positive, empowering and life-transforming change. 
    (Not one-size-fits all)
  • Your Free from the Diet Trap Action Plan
    You will get your Free from the Diet Trap Action Plan, so that you have a powerful and inspirational tool to guide and support you as you continue your journey to feeling good…to achieving lasting results that you can see and feel beyond the scale.
  • Two Weeks of Follow Up Check-Ins to Keep You on Track
    As you start putting your Free from the Diet Trap Plan into action, for the two weeks following our call, you’ll check in with me* each week for added support and to answer any questions you have as you move forward on your journey to feeling good.
    * Via email or other method we agree on


Price:   $129


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I understand that letting go of dieting can be scary. Is it really possible to get results without a diet and feel good?

Absolutely. In fact, it is only by getting out of the Diet Trap – and doing more of what makes you feel good and less of what doesn’t – that you will get the lasting results that you want to see and, more importantly, feel: GOOD. Something you can’t get with dieting.


Are you wondering if Free Yourself from the Diet Trap in 3 Easy Steps is right for you? My coaching is all about finding what fits you best. So read on and make sure Free Yourself is right for you…


  • If you want to take the first steps to free yourself from the cycle of yo-yo dieting and jumpstart your journey to feeling good and achieving lasting results that feel good, then YES. If you want a quick fix, or expect to achieve results quickly, then no. This is anti-diet and anti-quick fix.
  • If you want to get back in charge of you and start taking steps and making choices that fit you, (and start the work to fix the dysfunctional relationship you probably have with food and exercise as a result of dieting), then YES. If you want to be told what to eat, what not to eat, then no.  This is not a diet or a prescribed program.
  • If you want to start on the journey to feeling good and achieving results in a way that is positive, empowering and sustainable, then YES. If you are racing to a goal, then no. This a journey, not a race.

By paying, I confirm I have read and agreed to the Terms of Agreement stated in the button "Terms of Agreement" below.


Still have questions?

No problem. I am happy to answer any questions you have. Email me at

This is about finding Your Best Fit…and one size does not fit all.  You deserve a perfect fit.