Lacking Motivation to Exercise?

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Do any of these sound familiar?

You know why you should exercise. You know it’s good for you. You know it’s good for your health. You know that it improves your cardiovascular system and protects against many lifestyle-related diseases. But those reasons don’t make you like it any better or motivate you to do it (or keep doing it).


You’ve started and stopped exercise programs almost as often as you have gone on and off diets.  You join a gym or a class and have great intentions. Then “life” gets in the way, and your exercise routine dwindles down to nothing. The gym membership goes unused. The stationary bike becomes a clothes drying rack.


You want to start (or start again), but aren’t sure what to do or if you have the resources you’ll need. You want to exercise, but you don’t feel comfortable going to a gym, or you have limited time or money (or motivation) to go to one. If you knew what to do, you would work out at home, but you have limited space and don’t want to (or can’t) spend a lot of money on equipment for home.


You exercise regularly, but you aren’t seeing the results you want. You feel like you haven’t made progress. You feel stuck in a fitness rut. Your muffin top is still muffin-y. If anything, you feel flabbier, not fitter. Getting older isn’t helping things, either.  


But did you know that optimal exercise is your own Fountain of Youth?

Exercise slows down aging – even reverses it. Yes, it actually can slow down, even turn back, the march of time. It promotes growth, strengthening and rejuvenation in your body, even when the clock keeps ticking. 

Exercise allows you to live longer better
People are living longer. Unfortunately, living longer doesn’t always mean living longer better. You choose: Riding the hell out of this horse called life and springing into your grave when it’s your time, or easing yourself into the hole, spending years there waiting for the dirt to be piled on top? While exercise is no guarantee, it’s a pretty good horse to bet on.

Exercise allows you to live fully and functionally. 
All the things you can do and take for granted – lifting groceries in and out of the car, picking up a child or any item, traveling and being able to put your carryon luggage in the overhead bin of an airplane, walking from point A to B (and without pain) – are supported by exercise that keeps you fit and functioning. 


Exercise makes you look and feel GOOD – today and tomorrow! It boosts your mood, your energy, your brainpower, your metabolism and your confidence. It makes your outside and your inside bits look (and feel) better. It relieves stress and helps you sleep better at night. It even improves your sex life!

Exercise can transform you and your life!
I know because it has transformed mine and many others: body, mind & more! It is the closest thing you will get to a magic pill that is a cure-all for more things than you could possibly imagine.


And it doesn’t have to be a chore. But it does have to be effective.

Exercise is addictive… Because it feels good! In fact, surveys show that people who exercise regularly do it because of how it makes them feel…not because of the calories it burns. Once you get in the habit, you will be bitten by the bug. 

The challenge is to get in the habit… 
Yes, it can be uncomfortable, inconvenient and require some effort on your part to start and stick with it. But exercise is a low-risk, high-return investment you don’t want to pass up. 

…and to have a program that gets you results. Doing the same routine on the treadmill is probably not going to get you where you need or want to go. You need to do enough of the right exercise, in a way that is right for you.

Get there by making exercise work for you, 
not against you:

  • You need something that you will do. Not something that you’ll dread doing, or can’t stick to.
  • You need something that works with your lifestyle. You can’t – and don’t want to – spend hours in the gym.
  • You need something that fits your resources. Not something that takes up too much money, space or time.
  • You need something that fits YOU You, your goals, your preferences, your style and your life.

Let’s jumpstart  your exercise-to-thrive journey with a plan that works with and for you, your goals & your lifestyle.


Your Best Fitness Plan: 


We’ll create a plan that works for you, not against you: 

  • Your Best Fitness Plan Groundwork: 
    First, you will fill out a questionnaire that will lay the foundation for the Your Best Fitness Plan that I will develop for you. From that I will put together a Your Best Fitness Plan to fit you, your goals and your lifestyle.
  • Your YBF Plan Review Call:
    During this 60-minute video call (via Zoom), we’ll review your own Your Best Fitness plan with detailed exercise program and supporting information to guide you. We’ll use the time to make sure you know what to do, how to do it, and how to make this plan work with and for you, your goals and your lifestyle – including what to do when life gets in the way (which it will – that’s to be expected, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared when life does get in the way!)
  • Four Weeks Post-Plan Support 
    As you put your YBF plan to work for you, for the four weeks following our call, I’ll be checking in with you via email to see how you’re doing and to provide that little extra support (okay, and maybe nudge, too ; ) ) that you might need. 


Price:   $147


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This is about finding Your Best Fit…and one size does not fit all.